Welcome to the
Need Him volunteer
recruitment website.

Please take the time to read this site. It has been designed to provide the information you will need to prayerfully consider whether you want to move forward with volunteering with Need Him.

  • Our Purpose

    At Need Him, we both present the Gospel and talk to seekers that respond to that message every day. We receive as many as 10,000 people reaching out to us each week and they are connected for live conversation with our network of volunteers. He has led them to give their time to have life-changing conversations about Jesus with people who have real and sincere questions. The work is incredibly gratifying but not always easy.

  • Our Need

    “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Luke 10:2

    This site is designed specifically for those interested in becoming one of those volunteers. We need you to help us make sure that no one who is hurting, doubting, grieving, or questioning God’s Word ever goes away without hope. Without your help we can’t respond to all those that contact us.

  • Our Thanks to You

    We thank you in advance for your interest and ask that you pray about this decision before moving too quickly. We are not looking for those interested in just trying something new for a week or two, but rather for those that want to make a serious commitment to evangelism. It does not matter what your experience is, where you live, or where you have come from as long as you are a follower of Jesus Christ and want to share the Good News.